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Listening to your show right now and really enjoying it. The Police on right now... Takes me back to high school. But then, as you very correctly note, All Time is Now.  All around awesomeness my friend and Thank You for putting out the vibe that this famous year is all about a positive shift. Congratulations again on the milestone. You know I'm a longtime radio geek and have heard a zillion shows on AM, FM and shortwave, not to mention this Interweb thing that the young folk are on about, and you are putting on one of the best shows I've ever heard. For realz! Good on ya. I'll be listening on Sunday. 

Peace and Love

– JB in Toronto, Canada

Your podcasts make my hour train commute to work the best hour of the day !

– Dianne from Georgetown, Canada

Yo DJ Shark!!! Big ups from Australia!!!

You seriously make Monday, at work, something to look forward to. I want to download every single one of your playlists, so that I can carry you around in my pocket... every day.  I need to ease the pain and make the miles disappear... all the TIME!!! Never stop your playlists. You have a rare taste in music that is perfect.
Your radio rocks!!!

– Lisa in Australia

You have such a wealth of knowledge about music, musicians and the music industry.  Where did you come onto the North African band Tinarawin?  They brought such energy and confident musicality filling the international side of your show.  From Johnny Cash to North Africa - and it worked. 
Thanks again.

Bert in Canada

I discovered the show while working from home last Sunday and I can't thank you enough for being out there. In an era where/when local terrestrial stations are just a satellite for some parent company's playlist, shackled to inanely limited formats with hosts who don't even listen to their own material, All Time Is Now is a breath of fresh air! Diving through the archives now. I thought I would never again get to hear a passionate, informed, fan of music curating and broadcasting the greatest tracks in history and teaching me a thing or two along the way. I really thought those days were done. The through-lines between tracks are impeccable and every episode has been a discovery, like being a kid again. I'm putting aside my Sunday afternoons from now on, and turning on everyone who will listen.

– Zac Cochran in Effingham, IL, USA

Just finished listening to tonight's show. Terrific. So glad you are choosing the playlist instead of a computer, like you said. Loved the acoustic George Harrison demo and Bowie singing Space Oddity in Italian. Nevermind the fact that you gave us Depeche Mode and Aaron Neville too!  Will turn my daughter, who's at McMaster, onto your show a.s.a.p. 

Take care, and I'll be listening next Sunday. 

– Leslie in Canada

Hello there!!!

Just wanted to say how much I love your show!!! I listen every Sunday while studying and cooking around my apartment. Your show has become my Sunday must have!!  I feel like I have found a hidden treasure!

I listen to your archived shows during the day while I am at work... they get me through the day.

Keep rocking my friend!!

Thank you!!

– Lillie Anne in USA

hi there, Gefeliciteerd!   That's Dutch for congratulations of which you are very deserving!  The world is a better place because of you and your show.  I listen every week on wednesday morning as I fix bicycles in my repair shop in Amsterdam and the time

seems to fly. . . even though all time is, of course,  now!

Your truly eclectic show always keeps me entertained and musically enlightened!


– Amy in Amsterdam

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